Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shopping of the month!

January ended. So i would like to post what i'm crazee about for this month. Okke, this month kan my money runs for buying shoes and wedges (woh3x). Melampau sangat.~~(-_-")
4 pairs in a month...(sigh) haih..nampaknya lepas ni kena catu makanan la. Saya tak suka!!! the first pair that i bought was a shoes by CR2. This shoes i wear every Thursday when im attending the Lab. Yesss..its a must for u to wear shoes in the lab. Haih..whateva! i'll show pictures of them in the next tired and want to sleep. Actually, i've no mood for writing at this moment. Feel deeply sad about what just happen. Losing one more friend..what the efffff!!

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