Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cutest Pet : May I say Monkey?

I was like, why are they really cute? You know, they are wonderful creatures. I love Monkeys. Why? Don't ask me why because I don't have answers for that. I just LOVE them very much. Since I am the only children to my parents, I have no one to talk to, to share my problem with other than my parents. You know what I mean. SIBLINGS. Sometime I wonder how it would be like if I have siblings. I would love to have brothers and sisters around me. But by saying this, it doesn't mean that I talk with monkeys. Haha I still sane enough though.

Its ordinary thing to have a cat as pet but a monkey? I believe many of peeps out there scared of this thing. Hehe as you guys thought it might attack you. But you know they are really cute? I mean, very very very cute. I would like to adopt one but my father didn't allow me to. Sad :(

My neighbour has 4 monkeys. I love to play with them every evening. Just by sitting in front of them watching them play make me feel calm. Sometimes, I didn't notice time passing by for hours just watching them plays with each other. They were so funny and hilarious. Teasing each other. Let me introduce them.

the biggest one. Age 40 something I guess

the naughty one.

the weirdo. Haha really, she's very weird

 the cutest baby monkey

Aren't they cute hoh?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Routine as a full time driver

Abah can't drive anymore due to his health condition. Since then, I took care of everything. I drove my parents whenever there wanted to go. My mother can drive too but she ain't got driving licence. So, here I am, a full time driver to my parents :)

Today, I had to send my mother and granny to Kota Bharu settling down some business at 'Pejabat Tanah Jajahan Kota Bharu'. Regarding to our new house anyway :) I hope everything will be at ease. Amin

On my way back after settling everything

I just arrived at home when I received a parcel. Apparently it is my birthday gift. Smile smile smile plus big grin on my face :)

Oh my GUCCI. Thanks SAYANG 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pavlova on my birthday celebration

So nice ah the feeling ah after having 2 pavlovas. Gonna show you ah..

with my beloved mother

my uncle just got back from mosque. He said the pavlova taste so good and he even wants me to order it for him :) 
looking yummy haa?

I was so full last night and went to bed with a smiley face. My mother bought 2 pavlovas just to feed me kononnya for my birthday celebration. (Told you family is the best over anything else :p). Celebration lah sangat. haha Just hold a small makan-makan with my family at my granny's house. I always wanted to eat pavlova and last night was my first time trying it. Can't deny it was so delicious. I love it. Gonna have it again some other day. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Skincare Routine

I have such an oily type of skin. Very oily to the max. I've tried so many skincare products. From expensive one to cheaper one. Different type of brands you name it, Safi, Garnier, Simplyciti, Oxy, Eucerin and the most expensive one I bought from SASA, Dr. Gawoonsaseng or famously known as Dr. G. I also have acne problem. urghhh I hetchu ACNE. None of the products mentioned above works on my skin. Maybe OXY and Simplysiti was quite working but only for short term. My skin tend to be dull and dark. Tell me who on earth wants dull and dark skin? Tell me tell me. Everybodies doesn't want it.

Sekarang tidak lagi..Alhamdulillah. Who knows only cheap products can solve my skin problem. Haha no need to spend hundreds on buying unworthy skincare products. skin was very terribly dull and dark

Can u see the different?

This is the latest picture which I snap in the middle of writing this entry  using my webcam. Of course there still got blemishes (It's my time of the month though, I can't avoid it :p). A little bit improvement I saw in there which is my skin became a bit brighter than before. This is raw face of mine without any make-up on. Oh I noticed another thing, my acne scars faded away too. 

Wanna know what my secret is? Tadaaa..

1) Currently I am using 'PAPAYA' soap (RM3.50). Alaa sabun betik yang famous tu. I have my own way using this soap. Biasanya orang akan potong kecik-kecik then  put it in a container. A bit lecehlah for me kalau nak buat macam tu. So, what I did was cutting the soap into small pieces. Melted it into water in a container like this. (See below)

Liquid soap will last longer compare to solid cube

So, when I wanna use it I just pour it into my palm just like other liquid cleanser. Furthermore, it can keeps your soap stay hygienic. You know if you use it in the solid cube state, could be dust will contaminates  it when you forgot to seal the container.

2) Then, my custom made scrub that was made up from rice.

It was easier to make. It only takes less then 30 minutes to prepare. First, fry the rice in the frying pan without using anything. Just fry the rice alone until it become white in colour. Then, let the rice cold for about 20 minutes or put it under a fan to make it cools faster. After that, ground the rice until it turns powder like. DONE! Use it whenever you wanted to. Recommended to use 3 times a week. As a result, your skin would be brighter than usual. It also helps to remove impurities and acne.

3)  I used Temulawak for day and night cream (RM 8.++).

I used this upon recommendation from a friend. Twice a day. It also helps brighten up your skin.

4) For blemishes and acne I use Nixoderm (RM8.90) and Dalacin T (RM45 if you buy it form other pharmacy, I bought it only RM37 from Guardian's pharmacy).


Nixoderm really works good and react well with my acne. It only takes a day to treat my  acne. I usually use it at night. So does Dalacin T, its working great on my skin. I dab Dalacin T on acne in the morning before I put Temulawak cream and whenever required.

So, that was my skincare routine. I wouldn't want to suggest to any of you to follow my routine because you know we have different type of blood and the result may differ according to our blood type. Just sharing! :)

For those who has oily prone skin and acne problem maybe may follow my skincare routine. IF you wanna try your luck. Maybe it works for you too. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Multiple kenduri kahwin rakan taulan kenduri sendiri belum lagi or should I address weddings marathon?

Haa semput tak semput baca title post baru ni. Ini menunjukkan betapa ramainya rakan taulan yang dah pun melangsungkan perkahwinan. Cuti sekolah bermula maka ramailah yang save the date. Envy much? Silalah envy dengan mereka sebab saya sendiri pun envy sangat-sangat. Entry banyak gambar pun sesuai juga nak gelarkan post ni. Tanpa melengahkan masa jom layan gambar-gambar wedding rakan taulan mengikut urutan. urghh urutan? ke turutan? apa-apa jelah. zaaaaassss here it goes

28.04.2012 Dr. Mimi & Azry Hafriz's Wedding

Kedua-dua mereka ni my ex-schoolmate masa kat Kuala Berang. Azry was our senior. Ehemm tak sangka ke jinjang pelamin jugak akhirnya mereka ni. Congratulation for both of you!

she's gorgeous isn't she?

26.05.2012 Fatin aka Tomang & Fakarul's Wedding

One of my ex-schoolmate from MRSM Kuala Berang. The wedding was held in her hometown, Besut.  Went there with my bestfriend who came and stayed at my place to attend my other friend's wedding the next day. My dearest Ida Natasha.

Pelamin yang sangat indah. Win

27.05.2012 Nadia Fariza & Zulhilmi's Wedding

She was my ex-schoolmate back in 2001-2003 masa kitorang study sama-sama di MRSM YT-Besut. Pernah rapat waktu form 1. She is such a sweetheart. Lembut je orangnya boleh dikatakan she is the type of what men want. Untunglah suaminya En. Hilmi. :) Dahla lawa kiranya pernah jadi rebutanlah waktu sekolah dulu.

2 in 1 event di mana bukan saja wedding reception malah reunion kecil-kecilan warga YT-Besut. I am so happy that day met up with all long lost friends. About 9 years terpisah and berkumpul semula  kat majlis kahwin Nadia. Sweet kan. :)

I believes ni semua art works Nadia sebab dia memang kreatif sejak dibangku sekolah lagi. So sweet Nadia :)

Semoga perkahwinan ini diberkati Allah
Semoga kalian berdua dikurniakan anak-anak yang soleh

Next, on the same day was my other friend's wedding. 

Wirdanis & Azizi

She was my classmate, 5 Filasuf back then in MRSM Kuala Berang. She's hilarious. Sumpah sangat kelakar disebalik raut wajah yang ayu.  Dia nampak gorgeous sangat on her wedding day. Merah menyala.

The stunning Wirdanis with the poyo photographer at the back. Poyo giler mamat tuh. huh

31.05.2012 Farizatullaini & Arizane's Wedding

My babe in varsity. My classmate, my part time roomate and bedmate. She was the one who told me that she didn't even wanna think about marriage. Tup tup..tau tau je dahh nak kahwin. But they only nikah khitbah (nikah gantung). Dia buat majlis kecil je just for the akad. And only close friend and relatives were invited.

02.06.2012 Adibah & Hisyam's Wedding

My bestest bestfriend or shall i address my closest babe. My sayangness and my everything. Boleh imagine tak bila teman paling rapat dah kahwin mendahului kita? oooowww the feeling is no good at all. Happy for her but sedih pun ada jugak. Bercampur baur. Feeling sangat. I went for her solemnization a day before her reception. You know, the feeling when the bride and her farther started to cry. Ahh I can't stand all that. I almost cry too.

 She looks like Nina Jureen in here :)

trying to hold back her happy tears

So, thats all for now. Gonna up another entry for Adibah's reception. So many things I wanna show here. Her 'par hantaran' was the coolest I've ever seen. You gotta love it. Wait. Tadaa

It take me 2 days to finish up writing this entry. blurghhh :p

Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 years and 2 days old.

Hello and assalamualaikum. Its really been a while since my last entry. I really don't have passion for blogging. Don't know where all the spirits flew away. I just don't feel the passion. Maybe I am not born to be writer or blogger. But anyway, today out of no where I feel like I want to write something in here. Like, something has urge me to do so.

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. Got many warm wishes from my friends. Tak sangka masih ramai yang mengingati diri ini. Many things has changed since the last six years of my life. I loose some and i gained some. Its pretty dramatic. I lost special close friends but in the end who knows I gain tons of them. I was like very happy to get to know each of you my special best friends who just get close recently. (NSians team). You know who you are or maybe either none of you  knows about the existence of this blog. haha. Special partner is still the same. The irreplaceable one (the-you-know-who). Someone who I've dated since 5 years ago and still counting.

My life now is pretty great which I am currently jobless. GREAT isn't it? I guess it will be consider as GREAT. Its not that I am not searching for a job its just that I still doesn't have luck. You know LUCK. People said to get a good job is depends on LUCK. So, I believe I just don't have that LUCK yet. Everyday I browse in the internet looking for suitable position for me since I studied education, you know what else can apply other than a teacher? i just try my luck applying for positions that far away related to my  field of study. I did apply for management trainee position at the world strongest bank which is OCBC Bank. Got through to the interview session and went for it. Surprisingly, they were all chinese. Oohh I don't know what is OCBC stand for. Its obviously state that Overseas Chinese Bank Corp. It was 2 weeks ago and I didn't receive any call from the bank. That means I am not shortlisted for that position. Muahahaha. But Its okay because what is more important to me is the experience of being interview by two chinese ladies. hehehe

Back to my birthday story, my fiance and I went to my favourite restaurant called Food Village. Kelantanese will know this place. We went for the main branch but sadly it was full house. Can u imagine how sad I am because this place is my favourite place. But its okay then because my fiance had brought me to the 2nd branch of this restaurant. Its was a big NO-NO. Wont go there again (finger crossed). No where can beat the main branch. So, my birthday celebration was so-so. There's no cake and present. Sobs :'(

Good news is my mother told me that she will hold a birthday celebration for me. Awww so sweet of you Ummi. And the best part is my father going to give me a Samsung Galaxy Note. (Since I lost my Blackberry the other time). Thanks Abah. Family is the best over everything. Agree?

oh oh..not to forget many of my friends got married already. Will up another entry to story about all the weddings. Can't wait to hold mine :p

Dinner treat by Fiance. 

Part of NSians. I love you girls. Like, very much!!!