Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Skincare Routine

I have such an oily type of skin. Very oily to the max. I've tried so many skincare products. From expensive one to cheaper one. Different type of brands you name it, Safi, Garnier, Simplyciti, Oxy, Eucerin and the most expensive one I bought from SASA, Dr. Gawoonsaseng or famously known as Dr. G. I also have acne problem. urghhh I hetchu ACNE. None of the products mentioned above works on my skin. Maybe OXY and Simplysiti was quite working but only for short term. My skin tend to be dull and dark. Tell me who on earth wants dull and dark skin? Tell me tell me. Everybodies doesn't want it.

Sekarang tidak lagi..Alhamdulillah. Who knows only cheap products can solve my skin problem. Haha no need to spend hundreds on buying unworthy skincare products. skin was very terribly dull and dark

Can u see the different?

This is the latest picture which I snap in the middle of writing this entry  using my webcam. Of course there still got blemishes (It's my time of the month though, I can't avoid it :p). A little bit improvement I saw in there which is my skin became a bit brighter than before. This is raw face of mine without any make-up on. Oh I noticed another thing, my acne scars faded away too. 

Wanna know what my secret is? Tadaaa..

1) Currently I am using 'PAPAYA' soap (RM3.50). Alaa sabun betik yang famous tu. I have my own way using this soap. Biasanya orang akan potong kecik-kecik then  put it in a container. A bit lecehlah for me kalau nak buat macam tu. So, what I did was cutting the soap into small pieces. Melted it into water in a container like this. (See below)

Liquid soap will last longer compare to solid cube

So, when I wanna use it I just pour it into my palm just like other liquid cleanser. Furthermore, it can keeps your soap stay hygienic. You know if you use it in the solid cube state, could be dust will contaminates  it when you forgot to seal the container.

2) Then, my custom made scrub that was made up from rice.

It was easier to make. It only takes less then 30 minutes to prepare. First, fry the rice in the frying pan without using anything. Just fry the rice alone until it become white in colour. Then, let the rice cold for about 20 minutes or put it under a fan to make it cools faster. After that, ground the rice until it turns powder like. DONE! Use it whenever you wanted to. Recommended to use 3 times a week. As a result, your skin would be brighter than usual. It also helps to remove impurities and acne.

3)  I used Temulawak for day and night cream (RM 8.++).

I used this upon recommendation from a friend. Twice a day. It also helps brighten up your skin.

4) For blemishes and acne I use Nixoderm (RM8.90) and Dalacin T (RM45 if you buy it form other pharmacy, I bought it only RM37 from Guardian's pharmacy).


Nixoderm really works good and react well with my acne. It only takes a day to treat my  acne. I usually use it at night. So does Dalacin T, its working great on my skin. I dab Dalacin T on acne in the morning before I put Temulawak cream and whenever required.

So, that was my skincare routine. I wouldn't want to suggest to any of you to follow my routine because you know we have different type of blood and the result may differ according to our blood type. Just sharing! :)

For those who has oily prone skin and acne problem maybe may follow my skincare routine. IF you wanna try your luck. Maybe it works for you too. :)


Anonymous said...

temulawak mmg best. saya pernah pakai. kulit jadi licin dan jerawat hilang. tapi sekarang dah stop pakai. sebab apa taktauuu.. hahaa ohh lupe. krim tersebut dah habis :P. lagpon tekstur dia agak berminyak kannn >.<

Adahunny said...

yup creme tu dah agak berminyak tak macam dulu2 dah. I pakai pun just nk bagi kulit cerah sket jer. sbb banyak acne scar apa u punya routine..jomlaa share..:)

Adam Fakhrul said...

Hai 🤘🏻
Nak tanya kalau saya guna papaya soap dan nixoderm je?
Takpe ke?