Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pavlova on my birthday celebration

So nice ah the feeling ah after having 2 pavlovas. Gonna show you ah..

with my beloved mother

my uncle just got back from mosque. He said the pavlova taste so good and he even wants me to order it for him :) 
looking yummy haa?

I was so full last night and went to bed with a smiley face. My mother bought 2 pavlovas just to feed me kononnya for my birthday celebration. (Told you family is the best over anything else :p). Celebration lah sangat. haha Just hold a small makan-makan with my family at my granny's house. I always wanted to eat pavlova and last night was my first time trying it. Can't deny it was so delicious. I love it. Gonna have it again some other day. :)

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