Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cutest Pet : May I say Monkey?

I was like, why are they really cute? You know, they are wonderful creatures. I love Monkeys. Why? Don't ask me why because I don't have answers for that. I just LOVE them very much. Since I am the only children to my parents, I have no one to talk to, to share my problem with other than my parents. You know what I mean. SIBLINGS. Sometime I wonder how it would be like if I have siblings. I would love to have brothers and sisters around me. But by saying this, it doesn't mean that I talk with monkeys. Haha I still sane enough though.

Its ordinary thing to have a cat as pet but a monkey? I believe many of peeps out there scared of this thing. Hehe as you guys thought it might attack you. But you know they are really cute? I mean, very very very cute. I would like to adopt one but my father didn't allow me to. Sad :(

My neighbour has 4 monkeys. I love to play with them every evening. Just by sitting in front of them watching them play make me feel calm. Sometimes, I didn't notice time passing by for hours just watching them plays with each other. They were so funny and hilarious. Teasing each other. Let me introduce them.

the biggest one. Age 40 something I guess

the naughty one.

the weirdo. Haha really, she's very weird

 the cutest baby monkey

Aren't they cute hoh?

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