Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Marriage

This entry is specially dedicated to my bestest bestriend, Adibah who recently just got married to Mr. Hisyam. Her beloved fiance. She was extremely gorgeous on her wedding day. Adibah, a friend who I'd  share every little secret with. Finally married on the last 1st of June 2012 after being engaged for about 9 months.

 This might be Hisyam's happiest moment :)
Right after akad was done

I was mesmerized by the 'par hantaran' ( I don't know what it means in english. LOL. Sorry!) from Hisyam to Diba. It was custom made by Hisyam's brother in-law. So damn creative!! Made up of acrylite. You gotta love it. The theme was the display goods in shopping mall. It was the coolest par I have ever seen.

The reception


A bit jealous cause just received a good news from her. *she's became a mommy soon*
too soon eh? haha 
mantap mung Diba

Congratulation sayang :)


B33HA B3n said...

hantaran dia lawa la...simple sgt..hurm... best jugak idea mcm ni... hehe

Adahunny said...

Tu laa beeha....simple memang simple tp kos dia humang aih...satu hantaran tu rm500 xcmpur barang