Monday, July 16, 2012


Alhamdulillah. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful parents. Supporting me through thick and thin also guiding and teaching me throughout my life. They will try their best to fullfil my every wishes. They fullfil everything indeed. Thanks Abah Umi for every single thing that you  gave and provided.
I remembered last year somewhere in June they gave me a new laptop. I considered it as my birthday present. 3 days ago they gave me samsung note. I was extremely happy. Nothing can describe my feeling. This was due to my missing blackberry. I pleaded Abah once but I actually doesn't really matter if he refuse to. I was not serious though at that time. I know abah will not consider for expensive gadget. Waste of money he told me.
The way he bought me this gadget was so special. I will remember the moment until my last breath. As usual, every friday night my parents and I will visiting abah's hometown at Pasir Pekan. On the way down there, abah asked me to stop by KB Mall for a while. He told me that he wants to buy some stuff. I insisted not to enter the mall and just want to wait in the car because I was wearing only an old white T-shirt. But, he dragged me all along. Haha first he went to samsung stall and I was like Note kah? I acted cool. Cool babe dont show your excitedness. Umi said she just want to have a look how the Note is. I smiled. Hehehehe.
Very unexpectedly Abah actually bringing the money already. He asked me to choose what colour i want. Heh...heh..apakah? Without any hesisation i chose pink karer..huhu. After the payment was made we walked back to the car. I still cant believe that I was holding a Note. Eh very unexpected. That was the happiest night of my life. Hurmmmm... Love u abah umi..mmmuahhh!!!

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