Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gay Melayu

Apa nak jadi dengan mereka-mereka ini. Sayang, derang memang handsome. Bukan nak menyebok tapi...entah fikirlah sendiri. Ok bye!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Things that I do to improve my English

Why, like suddenly all of my previous posts were in English? Including this. I know that I'm not quiet good at all though. Ok I admit it. This is only my attempt to look good or to learn better or to improve or something like that ah. *instead of using 'lah'* (-_-").

I have to attend an English test. Much more like MUET. It's called TECS. What is TECS stand for? I don't know it either. haha... Precisely, I couldn't memorize what is that actually. I don't know weither in other university also have this TECS. As far as I concern, only us UTM's students have to attend it. From the rumours, this TECS like tiba-tiba held in UTM because there were many complaints from big company telling that UTM's students can't perform well in English communication. LaughingMyA**Off. But that was engineering graduate ok! why is it also effect us? I mean me, as an education students. Although the TESL students are compulsory to take this TECS. Redundant, don't you think so? 

But I personally think it's good for me. Memang lah dah tak payah nak mengajar Sains dan Matematik in English dah start 2012. It's for your own good ok. 

So, what did I do to improve my English, my grammar, my vocab,  my pronunciation and everything? Ok first, for my grammar oh I'm weak at it. I read a book, How to Learn Basic Grammar for primary and secondary school. It's work. Then for my vocab I did a lot of reading blog, blog, and blog. Malas giler kot baca buku. haha. Those blogs had helps me a lot. They are quite good in English. Ok, then for my pronunciation I'd love to watch this guy on youtube. He speak fluently and awesome gilaaa. Does anyone happen to know him? IniAnwarHadi

haa itu aje lah cara how to improve my English. As usual, leaving you guys with this vlog. I bet u'll love to layan his vlog then. Ok bye!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What should i wear for...

Pre-Graduation Night???
The theme is GLAMOROUS 

Wah wah wah...glamorous y'all. Sorry I'm a bit excited because this is my first and maybe the last dinner in my whole 4 years studying here in UTM. Ahaa LAME. *tak pernah pergi dinner kot*. Plus this year will be the last year being together with my classmate. 4 SPK babes y'all rock okeh!. Shouldn't let off  this opportunity. Back to the main point.  The theme is glamor, is it glamor like an artists? Just one thing in my head when I heard the word glamorous. It was....DRESS. Yes DRESS. I don't have any. Which mean I need to buy one. Huh..

Eh does dress fit you? you are not  tall and you are GEMOOK oke. Oh nooooo!!! I'm not that 'gemok' oke. Just a little. LOL! I find it quite hard for me to choose what kinda dress that suite me. I already have one in my mind. The caftan dress. Which is I found in here D'Stylo Boutique.

they are awesome, aren't they? But of course it worth more than RM200
* of course I couldn't afford it*

Ok that was one of them. Oh one of them? yes, I do have many other choices. hehe. Urghh..ermm.. couldn't make up my mind lorh. glamorous glamorous glamorous. Eh it feel like 27 dresses la pulak. *kena tengok citer tu kot* cer citer..cer citer..cer citer. ngeh3x. Actually I want to upload more dresses, suddenly got news that the table was fully booked. It was like *sedih giler hokayyy*. Sob...sob..sob..ok bye!

This guy just made my tears drop heavier...

Yes, I'm crying right now suddenly remembered of my late aunt, MAMA. Al-fatihah, R.I.P MAMA. I miss u so bad. It's been 5 month since you were gone and i still can feel your presence deep in my heart. Still couldn't believe that you were gone. It's not that I couldn't accept the fact, it just...urmm I don't know how to describe this feeling. Since you've been gone MAMA, everything was change. Everyone has change!!! That's the point.

I'm watching youtube while studying and I found a video that recently become popular among peeps. Fine, I'm kinda bit late than everyone. Chris Medina's audition for American Idol 10. Such a sweet guy, he made my tears drop heavier. Now I know why people around the globe drop tears upon this video. I'm touched. Really touched. Oh need to stop now, THE GREAT ALMIGHTY is calling. Leaving the video for y'all. Enjoice!!! Ok bye.

(Must watch) Oh guys this girl was just awesome!!!

This girl named as Maria Aragon, a 10 year-old cute little girl from Philippine. She just have very outstanding voice. By singing a song entitled Born This Way originally sang by Lady Gaga just made her look fabulous. Kinda awesome gilerrrr y'all. Watch it then u'll know it. Ok bye!

p/s: natural product chemistry just made my head like will explode in later time.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Do you ever realize that every single things in the world were coupled.

good vs bad
male vs female
skinny vs fat
short vs tall
pretty vs ugly
white vs black
etc..bla bla bla

that's why there are various kind of peeps all around the world. it depends on each other? well ok bye!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Ok fine. mud rajin sila datang. aku nak mengarang. ok bye!

Seronegative rheumatoid atritis

Just getting the news about one of my family is having this kind of sickness. Really sad hearing that. To you, please be patient and you must be strong. This is all a test from ALLAH. He loves you. He knows you're strong enough to bare with this. Keep praying to Him. Don't despair and lose your hope okay dear! Hope everything will be just fine. Sisterly forever!! Ok bye.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Natural Whitening Thanakha

Do you guys have any idea what that is? That thing is the one that I put on my face every night before I get on bed. Do you have any idea where to get this thing? A friend of mine have to give her's to me. Kind of "terpaksa" la kot. This Thanakha was her's at first, she told me to try to put it on my face as my skin irritated a lot these days. I did. And i think it suits me finely. No harm and no side effect. Plus, I can feel my skin smoother than before. I did asked her to buy me one. She said that she can't find the 'makcik' who sold this thing to her. Oh I want it so bad!

Looking at me so eager to have this thing, she made up her mind just to gave her's to me as she no longer need it.*thanks a lot babe*. I personally feels very happy. The problem now is it will finish soon, where I need to find this thing again? I searched on the web and I couldn't find any in Malaysia. It was originated in Myanmar. Do you guys have any idea what am I talking about now?Hehe...If there anyone happen to know where to buy this thing. Please let me know. Please...Please...Please..

This is how it look.

p/s: really appreciate if someone can provide me information regarding this. Ok Bye!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is the day!

This is the day where i get my space back. Space to sleep for about 40 minutes in the evening, space to update my blog which is NOW, space to get down and work out a bit to get rid of unwanted 5th month-pregnant-look-alike belly, and also space to breath. 

I have completed several assignments and test. Yeah, what a relief. Eh stop!! my friend coming in and bring a slimming sauna belt. I want to try it on me. Haha stop writing for now. Continue later kayh!! ok bye.

Aku rasa nak kentut. pret pret pret...

Haha. Tak senonoh. Memang hobi aku apa. Like I care orang nak cakap apa pun kan. Haha 
Macam lah kau semua tak pernah terkentut. hihihii

Layankan saja budak ini dah tak mau tido malam2 ini lah kerjanya!

Paku paku kehidupan


Life cycle

Tiger show. Erkkk...

Doctor with patient


On an island




kreatif kan? Sangat!! Ok bye.

Sungai berwarna hijau

Pernah tengok? aku pun memang tak pernah ah. First of all, ini bukan teknik manipulasi gambar atau dengan kata lain 'fotokedai' @ photoshop oke. Sungai ini terletak di Vancouver, Kanada. Nama sungai ini adalah Goldstream Park River. Baru-baru ini tiba-tiba je air sungai ini yang dahulunya berwarna kuning bertukar menjadi hijau. Pada mulanya penduduk menyangka warna air sungai ini berubah akibat daripada tumpahan bahan kimia. Ternyata semua sangkaan itu salah sama sekali. Warna hijau itu sebenarnya terhasil daripada Fluorescene, cairan alam yang tidak berbahaya. Ianya memang sering ditemui di alam hutan liar. Hebatkan kuasa Tuhan. Subhanallah! Ok bye.

p/s: sumber dari Ehoza

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kau kekasih awal dan akhir

Ya Muhammad Rasulallah kau lah kekasih awal dan akhir Maha Suci Allah. Tiada galang ganti di dunia ini. Kau insan paling mulia. Kau insan terpuji wahai Muhammad. Rindu ku padamu tiada siapa tahu. Walau tidak pernah menatap wajahmu namun kerinduan tetap wujud. Tanggal 12 Rabiulawal kau lahir ke dunia. Di mana aku dan umatmu yang lain ketika itu? Tiada wujud sel walau sebesar zarah pun. Tapi kau sudah menyatakan kasih sayang dan kerinduanmu terhadap kami Ya Muhammad. 

Ya Muhammad, kau Nabi dan Rasul junjunganku. Akhlakmu yang terpuji menjadi ikutan sekalian makhluk. Syafaatkan daku dihari pembalasan Ya Nabi. 

Duhai kekasih Ya Rasulallah
Engkau laksana bulan purnama
Membawa cahaya sinar gemilang
Untuk faedah hidup manusia

Ya Rasulallah Ya Habiballah
Ya Rasulallah Ya Safiallah

Mulia akhlakmu Ya Rasulallah
Tulus hatimu tinggi pekerti
Jasamu tetap disanubari
Jadi sebutan sehingga kini

p/s: selawat ke atas nabi junjungan Ya Muhammad Rasulallah. Salam Maulidur Rasul!

Sindrom rilex terlebih...

Boley macam tu? Semenjak dua menjak ni aku asyik rilex je. Macam takde kerja nak buat je padahal kerja bertimbun ni ha. berlambak lambak kau. Tapi aku act like nothing to do. Test plak ada 3 in row u!!! Pehal laa aku rilex semacam je nih.

Esok test and quiz. Ada satu assignment nak kena hantar. Aku tak start cari apa apa pun. Hah..nak kena study for test and quiz lagi. Ok bye!


Dua tiga kapal berlayar di samudera
Ayo sahabatku kita bergembira
Bermain bernyanyi bersama menikmati indahnya dunia

Karena sahabat untuk selamanya
Bersama untuk selamanya
Kau dan aku sahabat
Untuk selamanya setia

Berakit rakit kita kehulu
Berenang renang kita ketepian
Kita berbeda untuk saling mengisi
Segala kekurangan kita

Mencari sahabat untuk selamaya
Atasi semua perbedaan
Kau dan aku sahabat
Untuk selamanya...Selamanya setia

Sahabat untuk selamanya
Berbagi dan saling menjaga
Kau dan aku sahabat
Untuk selamanya...selama lamanya..setiaa

p/s: sahabat kalau kau baca ni. aku nak kau tahu aku still tunggu kau datang balik pada aku, even aku tahu semua tu mustahil. aku tahu kau benci sangat2 pada aku. aku cuba untuk tak memikirkan tentang kau. tapi aku tak mampu. kenangan waktu dulu, waktu kita rapat dulu sangat segar dalam lipatan memori aku. jauh disudut hati aku masih sayangkan kau.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mood : Baik

Sudah dapat benda itu. Enjoy guna benda itu. Oh teramat sayang kat benda itu. Wahai kekasih baru ku. Setia lah kau bersama ku menyusuri hari dan liku kehidupan bersama ku. Harap kau tak buat hal. Harap sangat tau. Ok bye!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Everyone. This is not a paid advertisement!

TweetDeck is really kewl *cool* for those who love social networking. It was like. *Hoho, who is still don't-even-know-what is social networking out there? For good sake, please do googling. There's even a 53 years old uncle out there do have a facebook account you know. How can you doesn't have one. Kinda ...

TweetDeck is a place for you to compile and manage all kinda social networking accounts that u have. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and etc. It's your social world. You can only manage all of your accounts in one place. Doesn't need to open many new tab nemore. 

I started using this TweetDeck for almost 2 weeks now. And hell yeah i like it a lot. This is how it looks like. This site will appear after you click here

And this is how mine looks like

It doesn't take you longer time to sign up. Just follow the simple and easy steps. Sign up now! I only shares  good thing with y'all. Ok bye!

You have choices to choose what's right

You have choices to choose what is right for your life. And as a result, you are responsible towards your choosen path. Don't blame anyone else if you turned to be such a bad students, friends, or citizens. It's all your fault not others.

review this old entry in my draft. feels like posting it out. so here it is!

Kenapa ya kita pilih untuk bercinta dengan si dia?

Cuba tanya diri sendiri. Tepuk tepuk sikit dada kemudian tanya selera. Adakah sebab kekacakan beliau? atau kebanyakduitan beliau? atau kekuatan pengaruh beliau? atau sebab yang paling tak leh blah beb. Sebab dah takde orang yang nak atau tak reti nak tekel orang lain. Watdehellll...

Then, setelah dah dapat jawapan cuba fikir balik. Setelah dah bercinta, adakah kita cuba ubah dia untuk jadi seperti apa yang kita mahu. Kita tengok balak orang lain hensem tapi balak kita tak hensem, dan dan suruh beliau tukar penampilan. Patut ke tak patut? Pernah tak kita rasa nak buat apa yang beliau suka. Something like this, katakan beliau suka tengok kita pakai baju kurung. Mesti kita akan selalu pakai baju kurung bila keluar dengan beliau kan. Bukan hipokrit tapi rasa macam best bila kita dapat buat something yang beliau suka. 

Sebenarnya, bukan masalah pun benda macam ini. Semua atas kesedaran diri masing masing. Setiap pasangan kena alert dengan pasangan masing masing. Sebagai contoh kalau kita tak suka beliau simpan misai ke rambut panjang ke, kita bagitahu.terus terang. Alah bukan apa, nak bagi sedap mata memandang juga kan? Andai kata kita lah yang dapat teguran sebegitu daripada pasangan, apa yang kita akan buat biasanya? Buat bodoh ke atau pun akan cuba fulfill permintaan pasangan kita tu? Semestinya bagi kita yang sayangkan pasangan kita akan fulfill permintaan itu kan? Dengan rela hati tanpa rasa terpaksa.

Tetapi, bagaimana pula dengan yang masih buat bodoh walau berkali kali ditegur? Adakah sebab kita tak sayang pasangan kita tulus dari hati maka 

" Ah lantak kau lah..suka hati aku nak buat ke tak nak buat. Kau siapa?". 

Dialog sebegitu yang keluar dari mulut kita. Renung renungkan, kesefahaman akan timbul apabila kita menghargai pasangan masing masing. Kita tak perlu memaksa atau dipaksa untuk memuaskan hati pasangan. Semuanya atas diri kita. Semua datang dari hati. Fikir fikirkanlah. Ok bye!

Perlukah Pedicure dan Manicure?

Salam hari jumaat.  Tiba-tiba tengah rilex and siap2 nak mandi aku terpandang kukukaki dan kukutangan aku. Homakkau macam tetiba tercakap..watdehel buruknyessss!

 kawan aku cakap semester depan dapat duit PTPTN nak pergi buat rawatan Pedi & Mani. Hoi..orang bagi duit suh buat beli buku and potostet nota lah. ecehhh..macam haremmm kau pon same lah mekda!. Dengar orang kata kalau nak buat Pedi & Mani ni kena buat secara monthly. Betul kah? Berapa kena bayar ya? Google lah sekejap. Tak leh jadi nih, kukuburuk. Orang tengok malllllluuuu! nak gak kukucantik macam ini.

kukutangan. amik kat google

kukukaki. Pun amik kat google

Well, semua orang mahu kelihatan cantik. ye tak? Kalau fikirkan bajet. Memang lari lah. Buat sendiri kat rumah. Boleh macam tu? Ok bye!

Merindui kekasih lama

kau yang sentiasa bersama ku
setiap saat..setiap ketika
walau hujan, walau panas terik
dikala aku sihat dan sakit
sedih dan gembira
kau sentiasa disisi
malah kau sentiasa menemani ku tidur dan tidak jemu mengejutkan aku diwaktu pagi*

hanya kau yang mampu menyelami perasaan ku
menyelam jauh ke dasar hati ku
hanya kau yang mampu menenangkan jiwaku
disaat aku celaru
kau hadir membuat aku tersenyum
terima kasih wahai kekasih

walau tempoh perkenalan kita sangat singkat
kau memberi seribu satu kenangan paling indah pada ku
memori ku mengenalimu selama sebulan bakal ku simpan seumur hidupku
aku amat menyayangimu

tempoh kita untuk bersama tidak lama
kehadiran kekasih baru menggugat keimanan dan kesetiaanku
sumpah aku sangat sayang kamu..
namun aku tidak dapat menahan gelora hati untuk menerima lamaran kekasih baru
kedua duanya amat aku sayang
namun apakan daya
aku perlu membuat pilihan antara kau dan dia
kau sangat istimewa
sepertimana dia

bukan niat ku untuk berlaku curang
tidak pernah tergambar mahupun terdetik dihati ini
aku harap kau sedia menerima keputusan ini
tidak kejam jika sekiranya
aku menyerahkan mu kepada sahabat baik ku
dengan mendapat sedikit bayaran
aku harap aku tidak dianggap kejam

Kekasihku *Nokia C3

Kembali menulis

kembalinya aku ke dunia penulisan ini
membawa seribu satu harapan baru
aku mahu menulis dari hati...
ya, selama ini aku berusaha menulis something yang menarik perhatian orang untuk jenguk blog aku
aku silap..
ya aku silap..
aku silap sebab beranggapan menulis untuk buat duit
dan untuk cari ramai pengikut..
sedangkan menulis perlu dari hati
ikhlas, tulus, mulus..*eh! mulus?bantaiii..
oke, from now on aku akan menulis dari hati
sebab title blog pon dah "bobeybobeydarihati"
biarlah hanya aku dan umat Kelantan yang tahu maksudnya
aku tak mengharapkan follower yang ramai
kalau nak follow, biarlah ikhlas dari hati
aku bukan seorang penulis yang baik
namun aku akan cuba sehabis baik
bukan untuk puaskan hati semua orang
tapi untuk puaskan hati aku sendiri
ok bye!

Setia Menanti Sabar Menunggu

awak sepatutnya dah sampai hari ini 
awak sepatutnya dah ada kat tangan kita
sepatutnya kita dah belai belai awak kan..
ermm tapi..
kita terpaksa tunggu awak sampai
satu hari je lagi...
dia kata nak hantar awak petang nanti
kenapalah dia tu leceh sangat kan
cakap tak serupa bikin..
dia cakap nak hantar semalam tapi sampai hari ni
kita call dia..
still, dia masih pegang awak..
awak sabar ek...
kita tahu awak pun mesti tak sabar nak jumpa kita juga
hehe..kita tahu...
sebab dah lama kan kita promise nak jumpa..
tapi sorry sangat sebab awak bukan first choice kita
first choice kita yang ini
kita tak boleh bersama first choice kita tu 
sebab kita tak cukup ...
tapi awak pun not bad what??
kita tahu awak pon hot setufff jugak
hehe okay lah. kita dah rindu awak ni
semoga awak selamat sampai esok ek
nanti kita ajak kawan kita pergi pick up awak
kita sayang awak
ok bye!