Friday, February 18, 2011

Natural Whitening Thanakha

Do you guys have any idea what that is? That thing is the one that I put on my face every night before I get on bed. Do you have any idea where to get this thing? A friend of mine have to give her's to me. Kind of "terpaksa" la kot. This Thanakha was her's at first, she told me to try to put it on my face as my skin irritated a lot these days. I did. And i think it suits me finely. No harm and no side effect. Plus, I can feel my skin smoother than before. I did asked her to buy me one. She said that she can't find the 'makcik' who sold this thing to her. Oh I want it so bad!

Looking at me so eager to have this thing, she made up her mind just to gave her's to me as she no longer need it.*thanks a lot babe*. I personally feels very happy. The problem now is it will finish soon, where I need to find this thing again? I searched on the web and I couldn't find any in Malaysia. It was originated in Myanmar. Do you guys have any idea what am I talking about now?Hehe...If there anyone happen to know where to buy this thing. Please let me know. Please...Please...Please..

This is how it look.

p/s: really appreciate if someone can provide me information regarding this. Ok Bye!


alyaaboolat said...

i have no idea beb!tp kalo ade nk jugak..jd ke eh??huhu

Adahunny said...

sedap la pakai. pakai wat tido bangun esok muko tok minyak pom...