Friday, February 25, 2011

Things that I do to improve my English

Why, like suddenly all of my previous posts were in English? Including this. I know that I'm not quiet good at all though. Ok I admit it. This is only my attempt to look good or to learn better or to improve or something like that ah. *instead of using 'lah'* (-_-").

I have to attend an English test. Much more like MUET. It's called TECS. What is TECS stand for? I don't know it either. haha... Precisely, I couldn't memorize what is that actually. I don't know weither in other university also have this TECS. As far as I concern, only us UTM's students have to attend it. From the rumours, this TECS like tiba-tiba held in UTM because there were many complaints from big company telling that UTM's students can't perform well in English communication. LaughingMyA**Off. But that was engineering graduate ok! why is it also effect us? I mean me, as an education students. Although the TESL students are compulsory to take this TECS. Redundant, don't you think so? 

But I personally think it's good for me. Memang lah dah tak payah nak mengajar Sains dan Matematik in English dah start 2012. It's for your own good ok. 

So, what did I do to improve my English, my grammar, my vocab,  my pronunciation and everything? Ok first, for my grammar oh I'm weak at it. I read a book, How to Learn Basic Grammar for primary and secondary school. It's work. Then for my vocab I did a lot of reading blog, blog, and blog. Malas giler kot baca buku. haha. Those blogs had helps me a lot. They are quite good in English. Ok, then for my pronunciation I'd love to watch this guy on youtube. He speak fluently and awesome gilaaa. Does anyone happen to know him? IniAnwarHadi

haa itu aje lah cara how to improve my English. As usual, leaving you guys with this vlog. I bet u'll love to layan his vlog then. Ok bye!


...❀ farah ❀... said...

anwar hadi! suka! suka!

die sangat cool kann? sempoi gile.

Adahunny said...

ha ah..kewl je.dah la speaking cair. suka gilerrrr..hehe