Thursday, February 24, 2011

What should i wear for...

Pre-Graduation Night???
The theme is GLAMOROUS 

Wah wah wah...glamorous y'all. Sorry I'm a bit excited because this is my first and maybe the last dinner in my whole 4 years studying here in UTM. Ahaa LAME. *tak pernah pergi dinner kot*. Plus this year will be the last year being together with my classmate. 4 SPK babes y'all rock okeh!. Shouldn't let off  this opportunity. Back to the main point.  The theme is glamor, is it glamor like an artists? Just one thing in my head when I heard the word glamorous. It was....DRESS. Yes DRESS. I don't have any. Which mean I need to buy one. Huh..

Eh does dress fit you? you are not  tall and you are GEMOOK oke. Oh nooooo!!! I'm not that 'gemok' oke. Just a little. LOL! I find it quite hard for me to choose what kinda dress that suite me. I already have one in my mind. The caftan dress. Which is I found in here D'Stylo Boutique.

they are awesome, aren't they? But of course it worth more than RM200
* of course I couldn't afford it*

Ok that was one of them. Oh one of them? yes, I do have many other choices. hehe. Urghh..ermm.. couldn't make up my mind lorh. glamorous glamorous glamorous. Eh it feel like 27 dresses la pulak. *kena tengok citer tu kot* cer citer..cer citer..cer citer. ngeh3x. Actually I want to upload more dresses, suddenly got news that the table was fully booked. It was like *sedih giler hokayyy*. Sob...sob..sob..ok bye!


...❀ farah ❀... said...

eyt, dulu aku nye dinner pon theme glamorous! well, kitorg pkai simple2 je sbb dak kos kitorang tak ramai...(:

anyway, go melaram babeh! (bukan selalu kan.. hehe...)

Adahunny said...

haha...babe, can't joint the partayyyyy.....fully booked. sedeyyyy

...❀ farah ❀... said...

ala...klu x leh pakai baju bling-bling kan? hihi...

Adahunny said...

tu la.......kukecewaaaaa!!