Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 years and 2 days old.

Hello and assalamualaikum. Its really been a while since my last entry. I really don't have passion for blogging. Don't know where all the spirits flew away. I just don't feel the passion. Maybe I am not born to be writer or blogger. But anyway, today out of no where I feel like I want to write something in here. Like, something has urge me to do so.

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. Got many warm wishes from my friends. Tak sangka masih ramai yang mengingati diri ini. Many things has changed since the last six years of my life. I loose some and i gained some. Its pretty dramatic. I lost special close friends but in the end who knows I gain tons of them. I was like very happy to get to know each of you my special best friends who just get close recently. (NSians team). You know who you are or maybe either none of you  knows about the existence of this blog. haha. Special partner is still the same. The irreplaceable one (the-you-know-who). Someone who I've dated since 5 years ago and still counting.

My life now is pretty great which I am currently jobless. GREAT isn't it? I guess it will be consider as GREAT. Its not that I am not searching for a job its just that I still doesn't have luck. You know LUCK. People said to get a good job is depends on LUCK. So, I believe I just don't have that LUCK yet. Everyday I browse in the internet looking for suitable position for me since I studied education, you know what else can apply other than a teacher? i just try my luck applying for positions that far away related to my  field of study. I did apply for management trainee position at the world strongest bank which is OCBC Bank. Got through to the interview session and went for it. Surprisingly, they were all chinese. Oohh I don't know what is OCBC stand for. Its obviously state that Overseas Chinese Bank Corp. It was 2 weeks ago and I didn't receive any call from the bank. That means I am not shortlisted for that position. Muahahaha. But Its okay because what is more important to me is the experience of being interview by two chinese ladies. hehehe

Back to my birthday story, my fiance and I went to my favourite restaurant called Food Village. Kelantanese will know this place. We went for the main branch but sadly it was full house. Can u imagine how sad I am because this place is my favourite place. But its okay then because my fiance had brought me to the 2nd branch of this restaurant. Its was a big NO-NO. Wont go there again (finger crossed). No where can beat the main branch. So, my birthday celebration was so-so. There's no cake and present. Sobs :'(

Good news is my mother told me that she will hold a birthday celebration for me. Awww so sweet of you Ummi. And the best part is my father going to give me a Samsung Galaxy Note. (Since I lost my Blackberry the other time). Thanks Abah. Family is the best over everything. Agree?

oh oh..not to forget many of my friends got married already. Will up another entry to story about all the weddings. Can't wait to hold mine :p

Dinner treat by Fiance. 

Part of NSians. I love you girls. Like, very much!!!

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