Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What 's up?

I got a ring from 03-8XXXXXX0
(never appeared before)
hisshh siapakah?


"Err Hello too"


"Hey, it's me Tasya"

"Oh it's you, i thought stranger"

", what's the plan"

"As i stated before, will be arriving at your place tomorrow night"

"Oh okay...Emm hey, do you have sport shoes dear?"

"Yup i do have it, why?"

"What if we go hiking"

"Haa..where and when" ::excited::

"Broga...sunrise view. Is it okay?"

"'s been too long i've dream to go there. LOL."

"Ok then. See u" 

"See u too. Bye" click...

Wow..what? Broga Hill. Just can't wait. InsyaAllah this becoming December 2 we'll hike Broga. 
So, wait for my update!..huhu

way too.....*undescribeable* erkkk is this word ever exist? haha whatever!

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