Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hot Tips for your LIPS

Full Bodied Lips

- Skip the lip pencil. If that is sacrilegious, then soften the outline   with your finger.
- Go matte instead of gloss or shine.
- Choose deeper, muted colours like purples, browns and bronzes to soften the fullness.

Thin Lips

Draw a neutral-coloured pencil slightly beyond the lip.  Then apply lipstick. Your lipstick will catch onto the liner to give an illusion of fuler lips.
- Apply lip gloss to the middle of the bottom lip to make it pop and appear fuller.
- Wear lighter, brighter shades,

Bottom Heavy Lips

- Use a lip pencil of the same shades as your lips.
- Then use a brown lip pencil to draw a second line in the middle of  the   upper lip.
- Apply lipstick. The brown will blend in and your upper lip will look fuller

Let's give a try!!!!

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