Monday, May 09, 2011

Gathering @KFC with final year buddies

I know you guys are counting days to go home and never came here to study again...hurmmm a bit jealous couz I'm not finish yet. Urghhh..but it's okay! I'll pray for your successful. Hope all of you can get a posting place easily. And also remember, always be a good teacher. The most important part is invite me for your weds!! hehe...

Thanks for being very considerate toward us (December intake). You know, sometimes we annoyed you with the changed of class timetable. Gomene!! We didn't want that to happen too. Seriously..but can blame us! :))....Thanks for everything. Thanks for being a very nice senior. Thanks for the lecture  notes...ahhh thanks for EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG!!! We'll miss you guys...

Abidah, sis Ashilla and sis Wahyu..Kayrel (the green hornet)

 Fadhilah and I

Valerie, Julie and Hafiza

the rest...Afiqah, Patricia

Asmaliza, Ashikin, Abidah, the other 3 are my intake. But I'll put lah jugak their names. kang majuk plakk hehe (Kayrell, Sis Ashilla and Sis Wahyu)

wait..wait..wait..I'm not done yet!



sadly they didn't joint the gathering on that day
So here they are...

Azreen, Atie, Taibah, Raja Shahrina, Ashikin, Masniah, Fatahiyah, Aida, Farizatul, Amin, Rashidi and Syazrie


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