Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am now babysitting this little creature and surrounded by adorable kids...

Currently she is the reason why I seldom write... 
Day 1

Day 1

Day 4

Hey assalamualaikum...
I am a babysitter now. Yes, you don't believe me? Believe it...
Even though I don't have any sibling or my own baby, yet I am a great babysitter ever, haha (poyo). I really love kids and babies since I never had a chance to have my own baby sister/brother. I love everything about babies, the smell, the smile and the innocent face of them. All in all, they are great creatures ever landed in this world. 

Let's talk about the baby, she was named as IZZ ZAYANI BISYRI BINTI ZULAKMAR by her father. Today is her fifth days being in this world. If you ever wonder why she is soo big as 2 or 3 month old baby, lemme tell you she was born with 3.6 kg. Oh wowww! She is my cousin's daughter, kinda like my nephew lah . Boleh?

I realized that I have ability to babysit the baby since  I was very young. (Eh, now pun still young whatt??).  Before baby IZZ, I've already babysat 2 babies which are also my nephew, ADAM LUQMAN (4 year-old now) and HARIS (8 month-old). They are siblings, my cousin's son which is the sister of baby IZZ's mom. 

Haris Hazimi

naughty Adam Luqman

Ohh! instead of baby IZZ me also have to take care of her other siblings, kakak and adik (now, we have to call 'adik' as abang..he declared himself as abang)

kakak the pink lover and adik a.k.a abang in the green shirt with their baby sister.

Kakak is 4 year-old now and adik is 2 year-old. But, I bet you won't believe they are that young if you communicate with them. Very talkative, macam orang tua hokayyyy! of courselah penat melayan derang yang banyak cakap ni. Dahlah langsung tak pelat, plus si adik tu, umur baru 2 tahun tapi cakap memang kalah kiteww tau. Aku ni hari-harilah kena leter oleh adik. Bayangkan kau kena leter oleh budak umur 2 tahun?? Like..what??

Can you imagine...
Kes 1
tengah aku nak makan biskut (kat tangan aku ada 2 keping biskut) tapi aku makan satu-satulah. Suddenly adik tegur " make sor-sor lah biskut tu" which mean ("makanlah satu-satu biskut tu"). Aku macam....erk tergamam sekejap. 

Kes 2 
Aku makan biskut sambil baring. Then, adik approached "Make molek gak..bangunnnn" which mean ("Makan elok-elok sikit..bangunnn). Hah kau..amik sebijik. Marah aku makan sambil baring. Sabarr aje lah

Adik, sedar tak adik baru jer umur 2 tahun dah pandai leter orang ye..Ishh banyaklah perkataan yang supposed to be kids umur 5-6 tahun gunapakai dia dah siap gunapakai pada umur 2 tahun. He's amazinggggg!!

Adik is really clever, at his age he can recognize A,B,C's already. Recognize animals, things and many more. Kakak pun sama. Oh, he learned from the phonic song (I am thinking to make him as my testimonial for my final year project) :)

As for kakak and adik, they ain't  trouble me much since they are easy to handle. Sangat mendengar cakap, suruh buat itu ini pun derang ikut jer. Tak pernah sepahkan rumah tahu tak? Tak, sangatlah tak penat nak jaga derang nih. Makan pun tak menyusahkan, tengok ni..

amboi-amboi kemain kakak suap adik

they are adorable and such an amazing kids


till then, bubye!!!

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