Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do I look like 80kg guys?

Come on guys. It is a sensitive issue to women when we talk about body weight. To me too!! Like seriously I'm having such a biiiiiig (*much I indicates how serious it is) problem here. Staying alone at home and doing nothing making my hand always hand over something into my mouth. Do u get me? Well nevermind. Plus like I said, I had nothing to do then forcing my body just lie on my bed almost every hour I spend at home. Can u imagine that? Oh that is not really ohsem..

A friend come by my house one day and told me do I weighed 80kg now? Oh GOD, I wish it never happen. It is too much! FYI I'm not even close to that number. Not even once. He told me I'm quite alike gummy bears now. Yeah I'm soo booolat now. Everyday I live worrying about my body, but I just couldn't stop my hand from putting something into my mouth. Erghhhh...

Suprisingly, yesterday I was amazed by a girl near my house. She is different now. She succeeded reducing her weight from 68kg to 49kg now. Wowwww she's so amazing. I remembered seeing her last year, she was a really a big fat girl. How come she became tiny tiny tiny like I saw her yesterday? She became sooo pretty ya know. Ermmm I'm trying to get some tips from her and she told me she just don't take rice. Hamaigad.. she inspired me a lot...

Then, I must do something from now on. I need to watch my weight..eventhough my boyfie doesn't matter at all about how do I look but he already told me that we can never get married untill I have to slim down first. Aiyoyoyooyoyoyoyo...InsyaAllah I will...I wanna marry U. Okbai!!
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