Monday, June 13, 2011

I miss you so dearly...FRIENDS

Sahabat...we used to be sahabat before.. A very close sahabat I think. But because of a big misunderstanding between us we became like this. And yes, if u wanna put the blame on me. I accept.

I know that we can never be like before. But note that I am really grateful to have u as my sahabats. To have known both of you. You were great and means a lots to me. We membesar together. Remember our good old times when we had to 'usung lembek' together?..or cabut 'kemuncup' together? Or having late night discussion on the weekend together?..I miss both of you my old friends. Siti Nazihah and Siti Hasmiza!!! Yes it was you I'm talking about.

Siti, I still remember back then when we were in Q-Ber. We had a big fight because of 'Cicok'. Do you remember him?? Before that you used to take breakfast for me as me was always late (@_@) dengan alasan ketua blok boleh turun lambat. Hihi. Ok continue..tq Siti. And in the mean time kita had a fight tuh you still turun awal and take breakfast for me, and I with all my ego lalu DS buat2 tak pandang pun you kat situ. Feels so bad about that and I remember till now :((. Tq sahabat. YoU were always there for me. Always sabar menunggu!!

Mieja, as long as I remember we never had a fight at school right? You always be a 'penenang' when I fought with Siti. Oh suddenly I remembered I wrote a letter once. To give Siti..Mieja, do you remember that? Hahaha..Sooo childish kan..but tu lah once we fight, we really get into big problem. Almost a year we didn't talk to each other. My bad again!! I was wrong I admit.

Now, everybody have their own stories and lives. Siti turns to be a bankers and Mieja is a doctor in the making. Really proud of you babes. My only hope is we can still have a relationship called as friend although it is not a bestfriend nemore. *crying*...I miss you so dearly. Humbly ask for your forgiveness friends. I LOVE YOU fullstop

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siti nazihah said...

i miss u too saem! jgn segan silu cari aku. n ofkos aku pun paling ingat part mu mkn roti canai yg aku amik pg2 tuh kat tmpat prhimpunan pagi. sgt xsenonoh!

akusekepingsekut said...

i miss you three...aku ingt mu lap tangan kat lasir kelas aku..bengom..pah aku seng hingus situ

Adahunny said...

Siti: yup beres ti..haha
Mieja: yes lasir jadi sapu tange nga tepat lap hingus..muahahaha