Saturday, October 23, 2010

You can grab Blackberry Torch for free here. Serious No kidding!

This is a good news to users of blackberry. Much good news to non-blackberry user.

 The only dream that I can never catch until now is having a Blackberry smartphone.  If only I can buy that smartphone. Walllahhh. Thousand words still can not describe the feeling. Poor me. huh 

they make my saliva's melting (-_-")

One day a friend approaching me and told me...

Hey, do you know that Blackberry's family is introducing the new model of Blackberry? It's the Blacberry Torch 9800. You can grab it for free by blog about it in your 'extraordinary beauty nice blog'. (Haha note that   i created the phrases)

I went back to my room and start logging in my dashboard. Wow! its true. I found out that Celcom is giving out 2 units of new Blackberry Torch 9800 for free to Nuffnang blogger for the most creative post. I better grab this oppurtunity. Without wasting more time I started checking out the features of this new Blacberry product.  

Look at what did i found out.
ouchhh sexxayy!

Touchscreen. What are the most important is it is not fully touchscreen so just do not worry with 'kelecehan' using the touchscreen feature. It do have a qwerty keypad hiding at the back and you just need to slide it in front if you want to use it. Cool and cute!The space. I bet you will satisfied with the 8 GB of memory space. Not just that, if you think 8 GB still not enough you can expand the memory using the microSD card up to 32 GB. Wow! Talking about the camera now you do not have to worry about taking blurry pictures anymore. OMG!!! It's camera is 5 MP you. I love that! Before this, one of the blackberry feature that annoyed me is it's camera. How come it just came with 2 MP. Alright, you may check the details more in here. I really love this Blacberry Torch i told you!

I can tell that this is an all in one design. For those who like all features in one smartphone yes sure you can have this. I guess you people will crazy about it too. It comes with really cool and unique features which is you can't found it at any other smartphones includes the previous model of Blackberry itself.

So, don't waste your time come and join us in Nuffnang community if you want to grab it for free. Cool! More details about this contest click here.Thanks Celcom! Oh do you guys ever heard about Celcom Exec 50 Plan? The only postpaid plan that offers you the lowest rate to stay connected with your loves one.
-15 sen call rate to any numbers 
-Discount up to 30% every month
and more...
for only RM 50 per month. Sure you can afford it. I am the user of this postpaid plan for almost 2 years. And the only word i can tell you is  SAVE. If you want to save up your money just register with this plan. It really worth it! Register here. Hurry up and be the first 100 customers to get:

Free Jabra Bluetooth Headset Jabra Cliper (worth RM125)
Free 8 GB Micro SD Card (worth RM68)
Free Energizer Portable (worth RM58)

Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!
For all the Nuffies what are you waiting for? Go blog about it just like what I've done.

I thought i will never have a chance to own a Blackberry. I was wrong then. The chance is in front of my eye now! Thanks Nuffnang and Celcom for giving this oppurtunity. Smile! Smile!Smile!

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