Wednesday, April 28, 2010

=) The Convocation

It was a rainy day. Rise and shine so early in the morning. Erhh..not so early I guess. Hehe. Like like laa. Then, drove off to Kok Lanas in the heavy rain. But, because of YOU my dear!! I am willing to do anything. Ceeeeehhhh! Hahaha 

YOU look real differ on that day. YOU looks very happy and I love the way YOU are. I am impressed seeing YOU on the stage. It was like 'whoaaa' is that really YOU? YOU looks great and gorgeous darl.

Darl...YOU are done. I am proud of YOU. YOU know what, I love seeing YOU in that black 'Baju Melayu'. Feels like wanna hug YOU. Haha oppsss just kidding! Whatever it is just wait for my turn okay. And I want YOU to be there too. I don't care! By hook or by crook YOU must be there.

The captures

*Fuhh punya la lama giler tunggu pic ni upload*
♥ the way this is for YOU♥

☻YOU are my man always and forever☻

Feels like I fall in LOVE with YOU again

Baru nampak perbezaan ketinggian antara KAU dan AKU

Congratulation Darl. Love YOU forever!

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