Tuesday, April 13, 2010

=) I want the iPod Touch and Sony PSP!! I want it...I want it...I want itツ

Well, as usual still have 2 exam papers. Just finished one killer paper today*sigh*. Fundamental Analytical of Chemistry. I can't do well. Yeah...I'm finished reading my notes twice but still can't answer the questions given. *Gosh*. I'm feeling like shit (haih..tak baik mecarut) u know. For me, its not quit tough but my mind was blurred. Too many things need to be remembered. After all, all the contents mixed each other just like mixing the onion, chilies and 'belacan' to make a delicious 'sambal belacan'. Can u imagine it? Whoaaa...delicious isn't it. Almost four days I didn't consumed rice into my stomach. Really missed the smell of the 'sambal belacan'. OK stop it! It's too far marathon from the primary purpose of this post. Well, it's ok what? Just for introduction! I'm sure if I'm writing an essay like this during my primary school, I'll become one of the top students in English.

Actually, today I want to talk about my craziness to own the iPod touch and Sony PSP. I really want it. I meant it okay! Hehe. Yesterday I flew to HANIS ZALIKHA belog and found one interesting post about a contest. The contest was organised by It's very interesting u know. Okay, what U should do to own the iPod or the Sony PSP is just play a simple game and collect as much scores as u can to be a Weekly Winner or Grand Winner. But, U must register yourself first! Click Here for the registration.

5 Weekly Winners will own the iPod Touch and 3 Grand Winners will own the SONY PSP. Wallawey.....Its really' masyuk' i tell u........

But, it wasn't that easy actually to win these prizes. Why? Because u need to compete them first. See below's picture.

Haa..ada bran ke?
Nothing is impossible right. So, Let's try first laa

p/s: My score baru cecah 3849 beb. Jauh lagi tuh!

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