Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adahunny have a pleasure Saturday with girlfriends

Last Saturday was awesome when I finally got a chance to hang around with my old girlfrands from MRSM-YT Besut, Arina and McYah. 

Woke up early in the morning to pick McYah at her home. Had lunch at Pak Ali's and brought McYah back to UTM. Had a quick visit to Ned's place first before headed to my block to meet Arina. Yes Arina and I  living under the same roof. Hehe. 

McYah seems very happy meeting Ned. Oh, thanks to Ned for the BIG breakfast McD. *Makan lagi*. Then, we headed back to my block and had a little rest while waiting for Arina having her bath. Weyyo..Arina baru bangun tido. Hehe. Oppsss! 

Went to Arina's room. Chit chatting about our old beautiful days in school, flash backing our funniest and happiest memories and not to forget Arina's love triangle. Hahaha. So sweet babe! 

Sila enjoy kebulatan yang terserlah. 

Ready to go out for dinner 

McYah said this picture is sweet. 
at Idaman Sayang Restaurant. we're having ayam penyet

Arina and McYah

This is very funny.

The next destination haruslah ke Pesta Konvo.
That's the main point why I invited McYah to come here in UTM beside saje2 nak jumpa dia.
Amik kau,
 McYah and Arina shopping shawl kaw-kaw
sampai tak sempat nak snap snap pictures
Last word 
I am having a very good time with both of u.

See ya next time
ok bye!

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