Monday, March 14, 2011

Kau ingat tak ini?

Aku rindu kau. Maafkan aku!!!


akusekepingsekut said...

dat's my handwriting rite??

Adahunny said...

Ya Allah,

Yeah it's yours.

I miss u damn much.

akusekepingsekut said...

so bad handwriting...i alwyas pray for your happiness n success..
if we meet one day, i'' definitely say ''hi, my name is mija,i'm a bad fwen,''..u'll regret to know me..

Adahunny said...

I don't care at all and i'm still having it with me everywhere i go. Instead, that is what i'll definitely say to u. I was a really bad friend to u. Shame on me. I know im hurting u a lot. We both have our bad and good side either. we supposed to accept each other the way we are. I was too stubborn. hope we can clear all the thing and start with zero again next time. if i still have chance