Thursday, March 10, 2011

(Must Watch) Nina, the cutest girl on the block

Hello guys, anddddd Assalamualaikum. It's been a while, yeahh I know that. Lil bit busy with some crazy and hectic works that even makes my life in a big chaos. Oh well guys, have you ever watch or even knows a supa dupa cute girl named Nina? Do you or don't you?? It's okay, I'll bring her to you. But before that let me give you a brief explanation...naaaaa not in brief, I mean a simple  explanation about who her was. All I know is her name is Nina, not quite sure how old she was, maybe 5 y.o this year.  Her papa is an American and her mama is Japanese. That's mean she is Japanese-American. Can you imagine how cute she could be? Ohhh please be patient I'll show her pictures later. The most cutest thing I found in her is she can speak in bi languages, Japanese and English. I found it interesting and cute. I'm in love with her, I tell you. Ok here's the pictures..tadaaaaaa...........

Couldn't find more pictures of her. 

Hence, the videos
This is Nina, first year and a half

This is cute......arghhhh wanna meet you Ninaaaaa
wanaa cubit your cheeks. way too cute by Nina, she's intelligent

Nina is playing doctor with her mama
(In Japanese, sounds so cute)

And this is her latest video

If you guys want to watch more, you can just go here geofg

I wish to have daughter as cute as her in the future. Really love her damn much. Please don't grow up Nina. Hehe can you stay be a kid forever? Of course can't, I know. Ok bye!


Miecyber said...


Satu Komuniti Satu JPJ

hana nabihah said...

yup budak tu cute!