Saturday, April 09, 2011

Show your positive image in Corporat Dinner

 Image is about how do u look and how u present yourself. As a professional, why image is so important? It is all about the

-memory retention

Ok, let's talk about the attire code

Gentlemen, U can wear either a suit or batik's shirt
like this


Ok guys, u can wear either one of these. But remember, If u're wearing a dark colour suit, match  with the light colour shirt such as white, cream, or skyblue. I've been told that, there are variety of suits available in the market. Single button, double buttons or many buttons.

Here are the tips for choosing the right suits for u.  If u're skinny, u can choose a single button suits. Double buttons suits is for the one whom already at the top such as CEOs and directors.  While, many buttons suit is for the old folks. haha. That's what Pn. Yasmin said!

 If u guys wearing a batik, then just make sure u don't choose the one with heavy ilustration on it. Remember u're still young, gentlemen. Just pilih corak yang light-light je okeh. One more thing, take note that, the  darker the colour, the more serious the person. About the pants, u can wear a dark colour pants as well as the suit.

Now, for the ladies. Remember this is a corporate dinner, a formal dinner.
So, the right attire to wear is our national cloth. Kurungs or kebayas. But remember, do not wear the 'kebaya nyonya'! Match with a full-covered-heal shoes. As simple as that! U don't need to bergaya ala-ala artis sangat.

Ladies, please don't bring enourmous handbag, this is not kenduri kahwin okeh. Just bring a cute clutch with u. like this


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