Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To you!!! A bestfriend from my childhood

 I don't know why u turned your back off from me. Like seriously! And you never wanna explain a bit to me. What did i do wrong? Can you at least tell me the main course?

We used to laugh and cry together since we were child. We used to share everything. Even the cloth, it doesn't even matter us. You are a boy and I was a girl. It's kinda hurt when you didn't talk to me like before. And the last time we talked, you didn't even stared your eyes on me. Why? Right now, am a bit missing you. Yes. Of course I miss to talk rubbish with you. And I loved the way we laugh out of it.

The biggest mistake was, I shared everything about my life with you.  And I am totally sure that you'll let others know about me. About my secret. About what I've done. Well, thinking of it make me sick. Really sick! 

If you're reading this by any chance. Please...can you tell me what did I do wrong?
Did I wronged you anyhow?

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